The Dirt Roads Cafe Menu

Getting Started with brunch
Breakfast served all day

***All Pastries baked in-house fresh daily***
Country Breakfast panini-
Country ham or bacon, 2 eggs and cheddar cheese.- $6.50 add a side of grits for $1.00
Spicy Breakfast panini - Bacon, egg and pepper jack cheese combined with jalapeños, tomato and onion, served on butter brushed boilio bread. $6.75 add a side of grits or yogurt for $1.00
Tame Breakfast panini - Our spicy breakfast panini but with American cheese and no peppers. $6.50 add a side of grits or yogurt for $1.00
Omelet- Vegetable omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper and cheese. $6.00 add country ham or bacon for $1.00
Two Eggs Breakfast - Served any style, with bacon or country ham and two pieces of toast. $6.50
Yogurt with fruit - French vanilla yogurt combined with our fruit reduction blend. $4.25
Get a Mimosa with brunch for only $2.75

Meandering Along

Spinach dip with French bread points - Three cheeses, spinach and a tiny bit of heat. $6.50
Avocado toast with heirloom tomatoes - Avocado on toasted French bread topped with vine ripened tomatoes, basil and a basalmic glaze. $6.50
Carol’s Cheesestraws - These are spicy and addictive. 4 for $1.00
Jalapeno Popper Wontons - Cream and cheddar cheeses, bacon and bits of fresh jalapeño. $6.00
Goat cheese and honey bites - Goat cheese drizzled with honey and baked on a light pastry accompanied by a sprig of thyme. 3 for $5.00
Pimento cheese dip - served with French bread points $6.00
Guacamole dip - served with tortilla chips - Fresh avocado mixed with lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, onion and a dash of cayenne. $5.00
Stuffed Mushrooms - with cream cheese, bacon and jalapeño. $5.00

Stopping by a Meadow

***All Salad Dressings Made Fresh, In-House and served with French Bread***
Liberty Hill Salad - Baby spinach leaves, bacon, goat cheese, avocado, tomatoes and blueberries. $9.75
Abbottsford Salad - Arugula and kale greens, boiled egg slices, tomato, bacon, sweet bell pepper, parmesan and mushrooms. $10.50
Old Well Salad (spicy) - Arugula and baby spinach leaves, goat cheese, jalapeños, orange slices, peanuts, onions, blueberries. $11.00
Old Wooden Bridge salad - Spinach leaves, arugula, onion, mushrooms, roasted red bell pepper, parmesan, cracked black pepper. $10.50
Estes Store Road Caprese - Fresh mozzarella with vine ripened tomatoes, drizzled with a balsamic reduction and topped with basil. $9.75
Fredonia Road Broccoli salad - Broccoli, onion, mozzarella and bacon in a creamy dressing. $7.75
Shoal Creek Pasta Salad - Rotini with mozzarella, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion and red pepper flakes covered in Italian dressing $7.50
Ware’s Crossroads Caesar salad - Romaine leaves with parmesan and croutons sprinkled with caesar dressing. $9.00

**We also do custom salads.
***Add chicken or beef to any salad for $2.00

Cruising Speed

***Served with chips***
Drummond Road Panini - Roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, mozzarella, romaine, onion, roasted red peppers with mayo, horseradish and dijon on ciabatta bread brushed with garlic infused olive oil. $9.99
Fike Road Panini - Oven roasted turkey with mozzarella served on a croissant with pesto and sun dried tomatoes. $9.00
Wilkinson Road Panini - Honey ham and goat cheese with spinach leaves served on a croissant with a balsamic reduction. $9.99
Barber Place Panini - Cracked pepper turkey, swiss cheese, sun dried tomato, basil and aioli on Italian bread brushed with garlic infused olive oil. $9.50
Cook Road Panini - Applewood smoked ham, pepper jack cheese, spinach leaves and tomato slices with aioli on ciabatta brushed with garlic infused olive oil. $9.50
Dallas Mill Panini (spicy)- Pastrami, salami, corned beef, Pepper Jack, jalapeño, roasted red peppers with aioli, horseradish and spicy Italian dressing on bolilo bread brushed with garlic infused olive oil. $11.00
Goody Road Panini - Roast beef, honey ham, salami, Swiss cheese, pickles with cuban mustard and aioli on bolilo bread brushed with garlic olive oil. $10.50
Long Cane Creek Panini - “The Mighty Hunter Sandwich” - Cracked pepper turkey, chicken, bacon, cheddar and pepper jack cheese with mayo and cuban mustard on ciabatta bread brushed with garlic infused olive oil. $12.75
Vegetarian Panini - Sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion and swiss on bolilo brushed with garlic olive oil with aioli and dijon. $10.00
Chicken salad - Tame or spicy, served on a croissant - your choice. Tame, $8.50 or Spicy, $9.00
Pimento cheese - The Southern standby, panini style. Served on a croissant. $7.75
French Dip - 1/4 pound of slow cooked roast beef covered with provolone cheese on ciabatta bread. Served with au jus sauce and chips. - $10.50
Meatball Sandwich - 5 huge Italian meatballs smothered with mozzarella and marinara, served on 11 inches of French bread with chips. - $13.25

**We also do custom paninis.


Soups change daily. Please check our Facebook posts or come in for today’s soups.

Grandma’s house for sweets

***All Desserts Made From Scratch***
Cheesecake Bites - Cheesecake with a graham cracker crust cut into bites and smothered in chocolate. 2 for $1.75 or 5 for $3.50
Peach Cobbler - Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. $3.50
Banana Pudding - Slow cooked custard with banana and Nilla wafers. $3.00
Buttermilk Pie - Available by the slice or by the pie. $3.50 or $20.00 for whole pie
Key Lime Pie Parfait - Homemade Key Lime Pie, including crust, delicately placed in a parfait glass. $3.75
Peanut butter chocolate magic bars - Peanut butter and chocolate combined with a graham cracker crust. 1 for $1.00 or 3 for $2.85
Brownie Bombs - Fudge brownies combined with chocolate chips, vanilla and cinnamon, rolled into a ball, smothered in chocolate and drizzled with a vanilla glaze. 3 for $1.75

For the small ones

The “I don’t know” - Pizza Panini - Pepperoni and mozzarella on French bread with pizza sauce. $4.99
The “I don’t care” - Grilled Cheese - American cheese on white bread, grilled to perfection. $3.99
The “I’m not hungry” - Fried Bologna on white bread with American cheese. $4.50
The “Nothing” - Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly on white bread. $3.99

We now offer a large selection of beer and wines. Come check us out!

New items made when you  order FRIES - Small - $1.25, Large - $2.25, Cheesy - 2.65, Cheese and bacon - $3.10 GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH - Small - $5.00, Large - $6.50 FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH - $5.00 BURGER - 1/4 lb - $4.50, 1/2 lb - $6.00. Add cheese or bacon for .50 each - CHICKEN STRIPS - 3 for $4.75 Add extra strips for $1.50 each. Chicken Salad - Starting at $9.00 per pound. Pimento Cheese starts at $8.00 per pound. Ask about our soups by the pound.